6/4/2017 6:34 PM
What an awesome day!!  New maxes found by most everyone, some milestones achieved by a few and unbelievable energy in the room all morning.  That is what impressed the most: There was a willingness to work, to do it together and to get excited for one another.  That emotion will be needed on Friday nights in the fall.

Thank you to all the parents and family members that came out in support.  Was great to see you come in to the room and share in the experience with our lifters.  

Special thanks goes out to Kim Pasion and Dave and Robyn Leonard for their efforts organizing the fundraising arm of the Lift A Thon and yesterday's event.  Thank you all for your help.

Our lifters, on their final Max lift attempts alone, Bench Pressed just over 10,000 lbs. and Cleaned over 12,000 lbs.  That doesn't count all the prior attempts leading up to the max. attempt.  AWESOME!!

We will post new numbers here in the next few days after everyone has had a chance to finish up. 

Coach Merrick
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