Brain Injury: Reality vs. Perception
3/22/2017 7:06 PM
Dr. Uzma Samadani is a neurosurgeon and the chair of the traumatic brain injury research at a medical center in Minneapolis Minnesota.  She also happens to have a 14 year old son that plays high school football.  Below is a link to a youtube video of her speaking at a coaching clinic in Texas.  It is long but in my biased opinion, excellent.  If you and/or your son are on the fence about playing football this is worth the watch.  Please forward this on to those in our community that may benefit from viewing.  It's worth the watch for anyone but especially any skeptics. 
Realizing you may not have time for all of it I've earmarked the segments that are most relatable to high school football and us here at Sunset HS.  

5:30-7:45       Football vs. other activities:  Keeping it in Perspective
13:53-19:33   Media Bias/Suicide Rates for Football vs. Other
29:33-32:17   Dementia Risk in Football vs. Other/Problems w/ Research that exists
36:20-38:26   So if no football... then what?  What's the risk of not playing?
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